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Our service for this Sunday, October 13, will be “One Community, Many Paths” by Rev. Marlin Lavanhar. Some people want to understand how Humanists and Pagans, Christians, Jews and Buddhists and people of multiple faiths and philosophies have created such a vibrant congregation together in the heart of this country. It’s not always easy to explain how we can all worship under the same roof but in this very special video sermon, Rev. Lavanhar breaks it down for you. It seems as if humanity is at a spiritual crossroads right now in which one fork leads to more fear and division and the other leads to more love and greater cooperation. ⛪️
9:00 AM – UUFOC Board Meeting will take place in the Fellowship. 🌐
10:00 AM – Coffee, snacks and conversation will begin in the Fellowship.
10:30 AM – Service starts in the Sanctuary. 🔥
RE (Sunday School) topic will be “Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day – A Critical History Lesson” with stories, music, movies and more. 🎃
Look under our “events” page or calendar link for more info on what’s happening this week at the fellowship. 🌎
Come worship with us! 🙏

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See you Sunday!

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